Discover the Forbidden “Secret” Blah. Blah. Blah. and Melt Fat in Only 60 Seconds... Blah. Blah. Blah. with a “Cutting Edge” Diet That Blah. Blah. Blah...... BLAH!

Can I be candid with you?

I’m frustrated.

I’m really sick of the garbage floating around in the health industry...

Getting “rock hard abs” in just 30 seconds a day...

“Belly-Shrinking” exercise secrets...

“Breakthrough” diets that claim you can eat whatever you want every day...

Yet, here we are, frustrated, tired and struggling to lose weight.

And some of us are on the verge of giving up because just when we think we have our plan figured out, here comes another gimmick that says what we’re doing won’t work.

So we waste our time in learning yet another fad.

It’s time we don’t have. Speaking of “time”, I recently asked this question in an anonymous survey to all of my readers...

What is Your #1 Problem Keeping You From Achieving Your Health Goals?

It was no surprise that it came down to these 3 things:

1) Lack of Time
2) Staying Consistent
3) No Motivation

Here are just a few of the answers from the survey. These have not been edited in any way... 

  • “Controlling what I put in my mouth. I know what/how/when to eat, but sabotage myself.”
  • “Time - give all of it to other people. Motivation- I'm exhausted all the time”
  • "Frustration!!! I do it whole res foods, exercise, get enough sleep and yet the weight won't go."
  • “The huge volumes of conflicting advice from the health and fitness industry.”
  • “Staying on track, not really knowing what to eat, feeling hungry a lot of the time”
  • “Accountability!!!!!”
  • “No single problem, more of a combination of...too much conflicting information out there, too many old habits that need breaking, time management”
  • “Motivation to stick to a diet”
  • “I start off strong then get really busy”
  • “Finding a program that incorporates strength and fat loss. I tend to wander from program to program and have trouble sticking with one.”
  • “Too tired from working too many hours and no results after 3 weeks”
  • “Lack of willpower with nutrition. Trying to feed family what they will eat and have trouble picking/sticking with a good sound nutritional plan”
  • “Too many food temptations”
  • “Making time to work out!”
  • “Just don't do what I know I should.”

Use These 9 Real-World-Tested-and-PROVEN Gimmick-Free Strategies for the Time-Crunched...

I won’t bore with my credentials, either.

In fact, when I tell people about me being a contributor to Men’s Health, speaking to over 600 personal trainers from around the world and being the trainer of the year TWICE, people tend to be like... “Meh”.

It’s this picture that shows people I am for real...


By the way...

  • I have horrible genetics
  • I hate most vegetables
  • I love carbs (especially sugar)

Yet I was still able to lose 115 pounds, 14 inches in my waist alone, and I’ve kept it off for years.

I’ve worked with hundreds of private clients 1-on-1, as well as thousands of people online.

PROVEN Strategy #1 - How to Stay Motivated (Even When Life's Obstacles Keep Knocking You Down)

The first thing I would change with my clients was to shift their mindset from outcome goals to process goals.

For example, let’s say you’re struggling to lose 20 pounds. That would be your ideal OUTCOME.

No matter what the “experts” say or how “groundbreaking” any diet may be, you do NOT have control of your outcome.

Ouch. Now remember, I told you I was going to be transparent. 🙂

Now the good news is... you DO have control on your process goals.

A process goal is when you lay out the process in which would give you the desired outcome.

An example of process goals:

(3) 30-minute workouts per week
(2) 24-hour fasts per week while following a Paleo style diet 70% of the time]
3 reward meals per week max (only eating until satisfied)

The process is something YOU can control. So creating a simple spreadsheet or even writing this on paper, you can monitor your process to see if this approach works for you.

Always try your approach for 2 weeks. Here is an example sheet showing someone’s process:

spreadsheet goals

To STAY Motivated,
You Must Use a Doable Balance

Every day, I enjoy at least one cup of coffee at home. Most of the time, it’s two.

I use regular creamer. It’s not organic and it has a few ingredients I can’t even pronounce that are supposedly “the devil” according to the media. 

One of my favorite things to eat after a great workout is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on Ezekiel bread. I use a little less than a tablespoon of jelly. Yes, it has a few “evil” sugars.

And you know what? 

I also like not feeling guilty when I’m not perfect. You should try it. It’s awesome. 

You see, when you focus on progress and not perfection, your journey to better health becomes so much more enjoyable. 

Choosing a coffee with a little creamer sure does beat a Mr. Pibb and an iced honeybun (my old breakfast). 

That’s a victory. And it’s a victory I’ve enjoyed for years now. It’s not perfect. But I also don’t expect myself to be perfect.

In other words, focus on PROGRESS, not perfection.

Small victories = Momentum
Momentum = Motivation to Continue

PROVEN Strategy #2 - Your BIGGEST Motivation Tool is Found in This Study...

If you’ve tried getting in shape or losing fat on your own, but keep failing, it’s OK to ask for help. In fact, 99% of the time, all you lack is your ability to stick to a program...

A study published in the American Journal of Medicine monitored close to 300 overweight men and women (unlike most studies that use just 15-20 people) for 6 months.

They were separated into 2 groups.

Group 1 had access to an online forum where they were encouraged and supported. The other group had no outside help.

By the end of the study, people with the support group had lost an average of 5% of their initial weight on average! The other group lost less than 1% of their original weight.

“It’s not to say it can’t be done, but losing weight on your own is a very difficult thing to accomplish,” says study author Craig Johnston, Ph.D., researcher in the department of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. “Finding a weight-loss program that works for you puts you around people who can support and motivate you.”

That’s the power of accountability.

PROVEN Strategy #3 - Why Traditional Goal-Setting FAILS 9 Times Out of 10...

There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose 20 pounds in a month. It can be done. I’ve seen it.

However, unlike what the media or other “miracle products” say, it is NOT easy.

For example... do “5-Minute Workouts” really work? 

Yes and no. Let me explain.

The intensity required to do “what’s necessary” in 5 minutes cannot be met by most men and women... including athletes!

Your diet would also have to be extremely strict, which is pretty tough, especially if you’re busy or have a family.

However, it’s a start. As the old saying goes... 5 minutes is better than nothing.

Let me reveal the “sweet spot” that worked best for all of my private clients.

It was the perfect balance of consistency, short and allowing “wiggle room” in your diet.

My clients would follow a plan that took a whopping 90 minutes per week.

This provides enough “stimulus” to change your body, while allowing you to not be perfect with your diet.

3 days a week, using full body workouts scientifically sound, is what has given my clients the best results, however just a little more “tightening” of the diet and you can do it with 15 minute workouts.

Just make sure they are doable without endless jumping and burpees. They need a balance of strength and conditioning for the best fat loss.

Speaking of diets...

Most Diets DO Work Short Term... However, There is One (and ONLY ONE) Reason You Have Failed in the Past...

You see, diets are like roadmaps.

You can get to your final destination dozens of ways.

However, if you hate highways, but you take the freeway, it’s going to be a miserable drive.

And if love the scenic route, but you take the back roads with nothing but billboards, that won’t be a fun ride, either.

It like a fruit lover trying a low carb diet. There’s nothing wrong with eating fruit. It’s just that going low carb and avoiding fruit is a setup for failure.

That’s why you need to follow a plan that actually works with you and not against you.

Use This "Garfield Method" to
BEAT Your Diet EVERY Time!

Remember the hilarious "Garfield the Cat"? He always said "Diet is DIE with a 'T' on it". 

You see, with any diet, we always focus on what we can't enjoy. So instantly, any diet is associated with negative emotions.

So instead of focusing on your diet and what you can't control (for instance, let's say you're on a gluten-free diet. You can't control the fact that bread is off limits with a GF diet), focus on your habits that are unique to YOU. 

It's about the closest thing to a "miracle diet" because it truly does tailor to your needs. Here's how it works...

  • Write down 8-12 habits that are keeping you from achieving your desired level of fitness
  • Choose the easiest habit to change, eliminate or improve
  • Focus on that one habit for the week
  • Next week, “roll over” that habit and work on the next one

This is what we recommend to our folks in our Inner Circle. No one has the same “habit roller” program because we’re all different.

For those that need guidance (and many of them do), I get you going in the right direction with ideas that are very doable.

One example is not drinking enough water. Let’s say you are only drinking an average of 32 ounces of water a day and the ultimate goal would be 64 ounces.

Next week, we would ask you to be accountable to drinking 40 ounces a day for a week. See? Very doable.

Now it’s really important to keep in mind that no matter what diet style you discover works for you, the bad news is...

Do You Suffer from the "Saggy Baggy Elephant's Syndrome"?

Dieting without doing any exercise can cause excessive loose skin.

The good news is you can combat loose skin by exercising 3 days a week and hitting all major muscle groups.

That’s why a lot of people can’t even tell I used to be over 300 pounds. I consistently did this for years (and still do) to keep the loose skin at bay...

1) Use a simple resistance training approach that uses science and not gimmicks or “secret exercises)
2) Drink a lot of water during the day

Sorry, no “miracle” cream will do the trick. And I still DO have some loose skin, but it could be a lot worse.

Speaking of tricks, many of my clients have used this diet “trick” to cut calories without having to think much...

... but it’s not for everyone.

PROVEN Strategy #4 - This Is the "Sneakiest" and Simplest Diet Hack to Lose Fat (But Most People Do It WRONG)

I have worked with dozens of men and women attempting to use intermittent fasting to lose fat.

Intermittent fasting is simply taking a break from food (as my friend Brad Pilon says... and I love that!)

However, it’s not for everyone.

I remember working with one woman that was binging at the end of her fasts, which defeated the purpose.

So I encouraged her to do this...  You can do this, too whether you’re experimenting with daily 16-hour fasts or weekly 24-hour fasts.

1) End your fast the SAME way every time. My “go-to” is a handful of cashews and a glass of milk or a protein shake.

2) Experiment with different times when doing 24-hour fasts. We had one member that did extremely well doing it from 2pm to 2pm twice a week.

3) Use an “intro” period.

If you’re not used to fasting, there’s an intro period you should use before doing FULL fasts. This intro period is different for everyone and James works with you on coming up with a plan that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Just keep in mind, NO diet alone will change your body like you want it to.

Dieting alone leads to becoming “skinny fat” as well as tiredness, lack of focus and mood swings.


Strategy #5 - Here is How to Set Up Your Exercise Plan

This is how my clients got the BEST results, including my own mother!

Three 15 – 30 minute workouts per week

Full body workouts or an upper/lower split (if you like upper/lower splits, then 4 days a week is ideal)

By the way, did you know that as you age, intensity becomes much more important than exercise duration?

A new study from Hunter College measured daily energy expenditure and activity levels in more than 300 men and women over the course of a week.

The researchers found that people with moderate activity levels burned more calories compared to most sedentary people. No surprise here, however...

... People who exercised more saw no increase in the amount of calories burned on a daily basis.

"Americans have really low lean body mass compared to what they used to have," Schmitz says. "They don't lift things anymore. Weight training will help maintain lean body mass as we age. It will also help maintain mobility and function as we age." – Kathryn Schmitz, VP of the American College of Sports Medicine

And more proof that resistance training just 3 days a week works...

And the more muscle groups you activate during your weight training, the more likely you're going to burn calories, he says. "When your body is increasing blood flow to a lot of different muscle groups, your metabolism can be elevated for as much as 36 hours," – Jeff Bernard, exercise physiologist at Northwestern Medicine

The Exercise Program You Found on YouTube or Sitting on Your Computer May Not Work and Here's Why

Popular YouTube and articles on the internet promote workouts that simply drain you. You end up in a pool of sweat, thinking you’re doing the right thing.

They are “aerobic” based, meaning it’s the same thing as running and running and running, damaging your joints and hips, causing back issues, injuries and more.

The game of “who can make you sweat more” MUST stop.

Burpee challenges, Deadlifts until you are dizzy and more silly nonsense is what’s crippling our industry and causing more frustration...

... especially with men and women 35 and older when recovery then becomes MORE important than the strength program itself!

This is why I created this page.

PROVEN Strategy #6 - The Exact Recipe for the Perfect Exercise Program That's Actually Doable (and Believable)

99% of programs out there are all about conditioning and this makes you WEAKER, more tired and fat storage because of bodily stress.

As an example, you might see an expert post something like this on social media...

10 sets of:

50 walking lunges
10 burpees
300 meter sprint

This is recipe for aching joints, a sluggish metabolism and chronic fatigue. Stay away from programs like this!

And when it does come to choosing a program? Whatever you do, don't make this mistake...

PROVEN Strategy #7 - Avoid the #1 Exercise Mistake that 98% of Trainers Make

I see this way too often. It’s why people are struggling to lose weight, frustrated and even confused.

And worse, I see trainers making this same mistake with their clients! 

It’s called “program hopping”.

And frankly, some of this is my own fault. I’ve promoted other programs that I think would get my readers (like you) excited to continue their exercise program.

However, based on the survey I sent out, it just adds massive confusion. And for that, I’m really sorry.

When you program hop, you don’t allow your muscles and brain to “sync”. For example, let’s say on Day 1, you are doing 10 bodyweight squats after jumping jacks.

The first time you do this, it might be tough because you’re out of breath. You won’t be able to get in as many reps.

Then next week, you do it again, but you’re able to get in more reps because your brain remembers this combination of exercise. It’s trying to adapt.

And of course, by doing more reps in the timed set, you’re burning more calories.

You can’t benefit from this when you program hop!

The ideal time to stick with an exercise program is 4 weeks. This is the perfect blend of adaption, yet enough of a change to keep your body stimulated.

The “secret” is using both adaptation and a consistent stimulus (sorry to be so “sciency”).

Now how do you know what exercise program is best for you and your goals? This comes down to answering a few questions.

Depending on your answers is what dictates what program is your ideal fit. We use a short, but powerful questionnaire in our Inner Circle coaching program.

Just remember...

Strategy #8 - To Make ANY Exercise Program Better, Simply Do THIS

I share my personal workouts in the Inner Circle and encourage everyone else to do the same. This ensures your progress.

At every workout within the program (yes, there’s a difference between “working out” and training”), aim for 1-2 progressions.

Some examples of this are:

  • Increasing the resistance
  • Increasing the reps (bodyweight or weights)
  • Slowing down the tempo

And of course, TRACK your progress. This ensures you are burning more calories than last time... just about EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Pretty cool, huh?

Let me show you an example of this...

Let’s say you’re doing a workout in our vault and you were doing Dumbbell Rows, completing 8 reps with a 20-lb dumbbell. Next week, you aim for 8 reps with a 25-lb dumbbell, but can’t quite hit that.

I would then tell you to aim for 9 reps using the 20-lb dumbbell.

We will continue to work together to ensure progress. After all...

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” - Benjamin Franklin

Of course, you might have been burned out on exercise before. I get that. I've been there, too.

That brings up the next strategy...

PROVEN Strategy #9 - Use the Exercises That Work for You (Here's How to Find Out What Those Are)

No human on Earth needs to be doing endless jumping for 30 minutes. It’s ridiculous.

However, even just exercises such as squats or pushups can be a little intimidating.

That’s why I provide the exact exercise substitutions I used with my private clients so they can benefit from exercise without destroying themselves. Just a few of these include:

Hip Extensions for Squats...
Incline Pushups for Pushups...
Step-ups or 1-Leg Hip Extensions for Lunges...

My favorite replacement for jumping is the Total Body Extension. It’s non-impact and improves your shoulder mobility, too...

... plus burns a ton of calories. Here’s a photo of how it works (but in our vault we have exercise demonstration videos, which is much better):

There is so much more, but that's a good start. 

fade-leftfade-rightNow the Question Is... Where Do You Start?

Hey look, I know I shared a ton of useful, doable info.

And it might be overwhelming... after all, it’s pretty much a Transformation 101 class on a single web page without any fluff or gimmicks.

It’s almost like getting step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a piece of furniture...

You could certainly take this info and go with it, and try to assemble your plan yourself.

Yet you need to ask yourself, “Do I really have the time?” 

The time to invest in learning scientific programming that doesn’t use gimmicks...

The time to figure out what “fad” diet you’ll attempt this week only to find out it’s indeed.... a fad.

The time to invest in learning complicated exercise routines that supposedly promise the “secret exercise trick”...

These people didn’t waste a single second with fads, but instead used time-saving nutrition and exercise plans...

"Being part of this group has made it so much easier to get back up again."Screenshot 2016-01-26 09.40.13

"The ‘inner circle’ has given me constant varied short workouts which for me have been very sustainable. Every time I fell off the band wagon before I would return to being totally sedentary and binge eating.

Being part of this group has made it so much easier to get back up again. 

The Accountability check-ins, your speedy responses to questions, efficient manner in which the workouts are always on time, I love how you post your own personal routines also basically it keeps me engaged and motivated. It's a lifesaver! - Richard Pickering, busy father

"This is one of the best groups of people to have in your life. It becomes like an extended family."

Screenshot 2016-01-26 10.25.09

"I love Mike's programs. They are easy to understand and give great results. Ever since March 2014 I have been a member of his "inner circle".

Before I became a member I had trouble finding a program to do every 4-6 weeks.

If I had not become a member I would still be thinking about things and not being proactive with my fitness and health. I now reach my short term fitness goals.

I hesitated at first and not sure if I wanted to spend the money but I am so glad I took the plunge and went for it.

I now have people to help me be accountable and a lot of likeminded people to bounce ideas off of and it helps to keep me focused. You get to post your workouts and you get feedback and some improvements from Mike personally.

This is one of the best groups of people to have in your life. It becomes like an extended family." - Anne Schmidt

And call me biased, but one of my favorite clients of all time is my Mom 🙂 


“I began working with you when I was fifty nine years old and weighed 231 pounds. I am only five foot six inches tall. Needless to say I was obese and definitely out of shape. I started working out with your programs in January. By May, I had lost 66 pounds. I just wanted to let you know I could not have done it without you! I had a neurological/muscular weakness disease called MyastheniaGravis for five years. So naturally my muscles were very weak from years of little use. Through your expertise and wonderful encouragement, I feel “we” have achieved so much. Everyone tells me I look at least ten years younger and feel great. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for truly saving my life. Thank you and may God continue to bless you in helping other people.” - Lori Whitfield

I have some good news. I want to personally invite you to...

Achievable Body You

You see how I didn’t smother this page with garbage like “You’re not getting results because you’re missing this one diet secret BLAH. BLAH. BLAH”?

Remember? It really is all about these 3 things that we already covered:

1) Lack of Time
2) Staying Consistent
3) No Motivation

So let me explain how this NEW Inner Circle works. But first, let me be clear...

... We must work together. I’m in 100% (which is why I waited until now to start this new Inner Circle). You need to be in 100%, too. Cool?

This is how it works...

This is What You Get

  • Access to Mike Whitfield, Master Trainer (yes, that’s me) to help you tweak your goals and stay on track.

Mike Whitfield has lost 115 pounds, but more importantly, has kept it offmike-before-and-after for over 13 years.

He was named Fitness Trainer of the Year and Fitness Entrepreneur of the Year for his balanced, doable approach to transforming yourself not only physically, but personally as well.  

Need an exercise substitution? I got you covered. Need a no-equipment workout program for traveling next week? No problem. Having crazy cravings for chocolate at 4pm on Tuesdays? I can help with that, too. 

I have worked with thousands of people all over the world and I know what works, but more importantly, what's doable. 

  • Access to our private Facebook forum where you will be encouraged and get all the support you need

This is where the magic is. This is where you’ll experience the accountableaccountability you need to follow through your plan.

You can have the perfect exercise and diet program for your body type, but if you don't have people in your corner to hold you accountable, it doesn't do any good.


  • A weekly "check-in" to ensure you stay on track
  • A new recipe to try every week so your diet NEVER gets old
  • A new exercise video posted each week to keep you from getting bored with your exercise routine

What makes my programs so "special"?

I've presented to over 600 trainers from around the world on my exercise approach and philosophy because they are shorter, yet they work. I apply "real world" application and that has been why my students and clients have succeeded. I was voted trainer of the year and entrepreneur of the year because of my transparency and being to help thousands of men and women.

Anyone can make you sweat. I focus on your results, not your sweat.

I've been told by other experts that I have a skill of combining science and creativity... and that is why my clients have so much success. 

And yes, even though you’ll have access to all of these, you’ll know exactly where to start once you’re inside. We are also adding more content!

  • Quick tutorials with over 160 exercise demonstration videos with a search function that lets you find an exercise in 5 seconds or less! And we’re adding more to the vault.

ex demo

It’s Everything You Need for a Transformation in One Place, However...

If you’re thinking you’ll “try it out”, you won’t make any progress. Sorry to be harsh, but I’ve seen that before when I had client interviews. Your health isn’t something you just “try out”.

I’m guessing that the ONLY hesitation you’re having is the money investment and you're curious about that. I get that. I really do.

My coaching program is $297/month, which I can understand can be a large investment... even if it IS for your health 🙂

At this point, since investment is your only concern, here’s what I’m willing to do for you. You won’t be investing even half of that. In fact, not even a third.

I wanted to give people the opportunity to get high quality coaching at an affordable investment.

Click the button below to get access to our budget-friendly program.


yes let me in