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As part of the promotion for Fate/Accel Zero Order, the Royal Brand Mystic Code is based on Saber's black suit ensemble from Fate/Zero for the female protagonist and the fitting of the male protagonist's suit virtually renders him the spitting image of her master, Emiya Kiritsugu. The Mind of Hakuno seems to share most of their original self's traits prior to splitting, though has vague recollections and is often confused. [102] Gilgamesh then dispatched the chaldeans to Ishtar's territory on a three-days mission to recover his Tablet of Destinies in Kutha, a city said to be cursed. She confronts her and manages to hold her own for a brief time, though she realizes that her opponent holds no joy in destruction and actually felt enjoyment in her fight with Nero as she compares the both of them and remarking that they are similar. The Chaldeans were kept prisoner in a jail cutting the energy flow from the protagonist to their servants before they were freed by Caster Geronimo[62] and brought to his ally Saber Rama to find a cure for the death curse gained during his fight with Berserker Cú Chulainn Alter. The Mind of Hakuno Kishinami has returned to Nero Claudius' side, while the Soul has returned to Tamamo no Mae, who has begun to set herself up as a tyrant of her own land. They discovered that Ur's citizens survived by providing the Forest Goddess with daily sacrifices before being driven back to Uruk by the Divine Spirit Jaguar Warrior. FGO Fate Grand Order Ichiban Kuji Berserker Musashi Miyamoto Plush Stuffed toy. [39] When Nero was confronted by Lancer Romulus while Mash was away, the protagonist helped her regain her morale and belief that she was worthy of being a roman emperor, then followed her with a elite force to take out the emperor of the United Empire. They slowly grow while defeating their opponents. Hakuno refuses and defeats Twice's Servant Saver, killing Pieceman. "I have to stand up. HAKUNO described it as the reason Hakuno won the war. Gilgamesh tasked the chaldeans to bring the fight to the goddess. それは数限りない、可能性という名の希望に満ちた未来の話である。, Secondary characters: Archer's Master • Assassin • Beast • Berserker • Caster • Aro Isemi • Hiroki Sajyou • Sancraid Phahn, Secondary characters: Clown • Flat Escardos • Flueger • Heine Istari • Hishiri Adashino • Jiroubou Seigen Tokitou • Luviagelita Edelfelt • Orlocke Caesarmund • Rosalind Istari • Geryon Ashborn • Atrum Galliasta • Touko Aozaki, Secondary characters: Shirou Emiya • Sella (Fate/kaleid) • Leysritt (Fate/kaleid) • Kiritsugu Emiya • Irisviel von Einzbern • Caren Hortensia • Bazett Fraga McRemitz • Tanaka • Beatrice Flowerchild • Angelica • Darius Ainsworth • Erika Ainsworth • Shirou Emiya (Miyu's brother) • Julian Ainsworth • Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg • Lord El-Melloi II • Mimi Katsura • Tatsuko Gakumazawa • Suzuka Kurihara • Nanaki Moriyama • Taiga Fujimura • Shinji Matou • Sakura Matou, Asking the iconic question illustration by, Archer giving Hakuno a piggyback ride illustrated by, Fate/EXTRA CCC VOID LOG:BLOOM ECHO I cover illustration by, Hakuno giving Saber her coat illustration by, Hakuno and Saber relaxing in the nurses office illustration by, Hakuno and Saber in Sevens Feel novel from, Archer and Hakuno from Sevens Feel novel from, The Atlas Institute Doesn’t Live in the Future's entry in, Archer carrying Hakuno from TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater, Archer getting punched in the face from TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater, chibi Hakuno and Archer from TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater, Hakuno strikeing a pose from TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater, Hakuno acting prideful from TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater, Saber and Castor worried about Hakuno from TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater, Saber and Castor realizing they have the same master from TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater, Saber and Castor shocked that they have the same Master from TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater, Castor and Saber asking Hakuno about this mater from TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater, Saber dragging hakuno away from from TYPE-MOON Ace Omake Theater, Hakuno and Saber from Fate/EXTRA sound drama volume 1 illustration by, Rin,Hakuno and Saber from Fate/EXTRA sound drama volume 2 by, Saber and Hakuno illustration from Sound Drama Fate/EXTRA volume 4 by. Protagonist (主人公, Shujinkō?) HAKUNO Kishinami, the protagonist of the show, is not the original male version, but a collection of grudges from dead Masters given form using Hakuno as a template. 真ENDで目覚める主人公ですが、あれは『元になった彼/彼女』が眠っている日本の私設ではなく、まったく違う場所にある、放棄された医療施設での話。 According to Mash, this display of the innate good in some humans is what convinced her Heroic Spirit to awaken. As Solomon was leaving, the protagonist stepped forward to ask his reasons for incinerating humanity. They are easily worried about Saber, despite knowing that she is capable of handling herself well. Enough so that she has Iskander, Jeanne and Gilgamesh on her side. When the Chaldeans and Nightingale tried to leave the camp, they were captured by Caster Helena Blavatsky and Lancer Karna and transported to Washington to meet with the Presi-king of the United Western State Caster Thomas Edison. At the top of the pyramid, the protagonist was ready to smash the Sun Stone, Quetzalcoatl's second Noble Phantasm, when Romani described Quetzalcoatl as an evil goddess. Ishtar helped the chaldeans break through the undead and left with a warning against entering the underworld.[103]. 405 likes. [18] She was unaware that her body was already dead and only her residual thoughts had been converted to spiritron.[19]. From the popular smartphone game Fate/Grand Order comes a Nendoroid of the female protagonist dressed in the default Mystic Code: Chaldea outfit. Lancer and he both state that Altera and her forces have destroyed and overtaken over 80% of SE.RA.PH. Saber eventually arrives at the site of Hakuno's death and leaves a flower on the spot, asking for forgiveness for leaving her alone for so long. While not explicitly named, BB and the Alter Egos refer to their encounters with Hakuno on many occasions in Fate/Grand Order. The Soul of Hakuno awakens in "My Room", encountering Elizabeth who Tamamo has made as her maid. When he asked Chaldea for their help in order to seize the Grail and stabilize this singularity to create an eternal America, the protagonist refused, against the opinion of Roman who advised a temporary alliance,[61] as they didn't want to betray any promise they would make. After burying the civilians, the chaldeans continued toward the Holy City, helping civilians fend off bandits in exchange for information, such as the role of the Lion King in the defeat of the Crusaders and his monthly admission of new citizens in the Holy City, rumored to be the only chance of survival in the dying world.[12]. Mesopotamia. However, after splitting themselves into three different parts to prevent the Regalia from being used to destroy the Moon Cell, Hakuno's self is broken up amongst his three selves. They rely upon knowledge from their Servants and help from Rin or Rani to counter and utilize such methods when necessary. They are simply \"someone who just happened to see a recruitment flyer at a station, applied and got accepted into the job, and somehow ended up getting taken into the Chaldea Security Organization\", effectively having joined Chaldea on a whim while being a civilian with no training or combat experience. [68] In his escape, Robin received the help of Lancer Scáthach, who denied to end the singularity herself, entrusting the fate of the world to the living. Here's the Master/Female Protagonist kit from Bandai's Petitrits line of Fate Grand Order characters! Altera is left in awe of the golden theater and its brilliance before she is swiftly defeated. [16], Helped by a sandstorm summoned by the First Hassan, the alliance besieged the Holy City. As they went back underground to collect the grail, the group was confronted by Grand Caster Solomon, who wiped out most of the servants as a taunt to the efforts of Chaldea. In Fate/EXTRA CCC receives from Kiara Sessyoin the Codecasts: Thesis of the Still Heart (五停心観(ごじょうしんかん), Gojō Shinkan?) Originally, Fate/Stay Night was supposed to have a female protagonist called Ayaka Sajyou, who summoned regular male King Arthur. According to the opening cutscene of the "Super Ghouls 'n Pumpkins" event, the protagonist has learned ninjutsu from Fuuma Kotaro; they are capable of performing a substitution jutsu to replace themselves with a decoy (represented by the image of a Craft Essence in the cutscene). $39.99 + shipping . Walking back from Kutha to Uruk, the protagonist, who refused to be transported by Ishtar and leave Mash walking, found the tale of their underworld mission already spread in the city and clay effigies of themselves sold in stands. $81.00. Their Command Spells are located on their right hand and, contrarily to Hakuno Kishinami, differ in form between male and female version. The protagonist then set out to correct the seven main singularities, as well as several subsingularities and related time-space anomalies. Kinoko Nasu also took to referring to them as such in the Fate/EXTRA CCC dictionary. Sometime afterwards, Nero holds a meeting with her generals and Archimedes. With Benkei abandoning the fight after having failed to follow Ushiwakamaru in battle, but new informations on the nature of the enemy,[105] Gilgamesh elected to negociate with the other two goddesses to take down Gorgon. Mash and the protagonist insisted on informing him of the danger of the Grail, but Gilgamesh was already in its possession, though he refused to cede it to Chaldea. [6] Prior to the rayshift, the protagonist fought their fear of the surrounding danger to take Mash's hand and support her as she was dying. During the investigation of a rampaging living book, Mordred, feeling uneasy about Mash's lack of confidence, suddenly declared a training fight, and the protagonist tried to interpose to no effect. Mankind's Last Female Master From the popular smartphone game "Fate/Grand Order" comes a Nendoroid of the female protagonist dressed in the default "Mystic Code: Chaldea" outfit! [44], After taking on board servants Berserker Asterios and Archer Euryale from a nearby leyline island,[45] the group was engaged by the pirates of Rider Edward Teach, tasked to recover Drake's Holy Grail. Roman gave the protagonist and Mash a 24 hours rest before rayshifting to the final singularity. However, in later chapters he is seen using the following Code Casts: Hakuno lacked a default name in Fate/EXTRA, and they were simply referred to as "Yourself" in promotional materials. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Leaving the Hassans to gather the rebel forces, the chaldeans headed for the desert. They invade Tamamo's territory: the Millenium Capital, and soon engage in battle. He expresses a sense of powerlessness, unable to save others. From the popular smartphone game Fate/Grand Order comes the female protagonist in cute chibi form. Afterwards, she and Hakuno depart to claim the new lands being constructed by the Moon Cell, though encounter opposition in the form of enemy programs, commanded by Elizabeth Bathory. The Protagonist is to act as a Master who uses FATE to summon Servants for the purpose of completing Grand Orders to correct distortions in human history.[4]. This kingly aptitude has earned them loyalty of other Servants - including former enemies they fought in the Grail War such as Gawain and Li Shuwen. It is repeatedly pointed out by others that Hakuno is rather dense and sometimes fails to understand basic things especially ones related to a magus, making them look like a rather hopeless Master among a crowd of talented Masters. At some point in time, Hakuno had encountered the admin of the Moon Cell, Archimedes, who informed them of a terrible threat known as the Umbral Star, a predatory planet that consumed and harvested life every 14,000 years. [5] The male version has short unkempt black hair and blue eyes, while the female version has shoulder-length red hair tied in a side-ponytail on the left side with a usually yellow hair band and a cowlick, and light orange eyes. [117] Despite being considered an inferior mage by Olga Marie Animusphere, their untrained magic circuit were still of high enough quality to allow them to form Servant contracts and be converted into spiritrons for the purpose of Rayshift. $63.50. Agravain however confronted them with his Enforcement Knights and asked Sanzang to join the protectors of the Holy City as a replacement for Gareth. The protagonist was the last of the 48 newly induced Masters to arrive at Chaldea, and one of the 10 public applicants for the role. It was decided that the patient would be cryogenically frozen until treatment became possible. Archimedes soon arrives to the scene and shows his disappointment with Nero's decision. Primary franchise: It is repeatedly mentioned that they are below drinking age. The protagonist also asked Ana to contract with them, but she refused to take part in human affairs more than necessary to her own objective: a fight with the goddesses. Sewoon High's poster girl Choi Eunhye finally becomes friends with Jeon Jungkook, the multi-talented boy and her ever quiet neighbor, after a timely encounter at the local cafe. Or one of the other remaining Masters might have won, so possibly Rin or Rani. After entering the Moon Cell, the NPC Hakuno sends Rin/Rani this information, in the hopes that she will be able to find and help his/her other self. Ozymandias provided the chaldeans with provisions and ordered them to investigate the Holy City for themselves before they would to fight him for the grail. The group eventually met the Shadow Servants born from the corrupted Holy Grail War and were nearly killed when Caster Cu Chulainn intervened and formed a contract with the protagonist in order to win the War and end the Singularity. 10 Male and Female Hakuno during the Prologue. Due to the abundant use of Francis Xavier (フランシスコ・ザビエル, Furanshisuko Zabieru?, lit. During the battle, the protagonist was targeted by Lancer Hector, who seeked to shorten the battle by taking down the enemy Master. Master/Female Protagonist Light Edition Fate/Grand Order Nendoroid #703b. Back in Chaldea, Mash offered a massage to the protagonist, but they fled when Mash mentioned that she was bad at giving them. 主人公 The servants confronted the goddess while the protagonist, equipped by Jaguar with a replica of her Fearsome Club, ran up the goddess' pyramid to destroy the symbol of her divinity and lower of powers. She gives them an artificially created, complete human body with their mind and memories from the Far Side transferred into it. They also refused to surrender to the Lion King when this plan was submitted by Bedivere. Gorgon's defeat revealed Solomon's Grail was with Kingu, who engaged the chaldeans to avenge Gorgon. The chaldeans momentarily repelled the Lahmu with great difficulty before the creatures retreated by themselves. While possessing the ability to use a wide variety of Mystic Codes, allowing them to utilize a number of different abilities, the protagonist seems to lack more specialized abilities of other Hackers, being unable to code new material into their environment or directly attack via magecraft. This is not true within the Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia anime, in which Ritsuka is shown having a flashback to the death of Director Olga Marie Animusphere. that allows people to enter the hearts of others and controlled entirely by the network. That said, they are very passionate and like their Mind and Body counterpart, they show nothing but the utmost faith and love for their Servant. They also defeated Saber Fergus Mac Róich, who revealed Sita was held captive on Alcatraz Island. [40], With Romulus killed, Lev Lainur revealed his true identity as the Demon God Flauros. Female Protagonist [Fate/EXTRA]. Like before, Nero is unable to hold her own, but Altera relents the final blow and leaves. Hakuno begins as a student and friend of Shinji. Semiramis. Sieg. They have no way of knowing how the Holy Grail War on the Near Side will end after leaving, and there still exists the version of Hakuno within the war that still has the possibility to win and arrive at the core. and Classic Female uniform (旧女子学生服, Kyū joshi gakusei fuku?). She also warned that Chaldea would face the Evils of Humanity, and instructed the protagonist to gather “stars”, Heroic Spirits with their strongest bonds of trust. Since Sernity was binded with Agravain's anti-servant chains, the protagonist freed her and when both tripped and fell, their lips accidentally touched. As proof of their kingship, they have obtained the Regalia ring. This changes over time as Hakuno becomes more and more determined to not let the lives lost during the War to become meaningless. After Fou teleported Ana away, the goddess of the north, incarnation of Tiamat and bearer of Solomon's Grail, unexpectedly joined the battle and declared she would kill Chaldea's last Mage herself. Jaguar and Ishtar agreed that a lucha libre attack would do, but to the protagonist's surprise and horror, the two goddesses also decided to throw them from two hundred meters high for greater effect. 5. Though given an opportunity t… The Caster-class Servant then reveals the true purpose behind the Moon Cell Holy Grail War. その後、月の聖杯戦争がどうなったのかは月から離れた二人に知るよしはない。 [69], Having accepted that the Celts could not be defeated with his methods, Edison lent his army to the Chaldeans. However, the wish giving immense power to Cù Chulainn also disappeared with her,[73] enabling the Chaldeans to defeat him while Arjuna used his Noble Phantasm to wipe out the Clan Calatin. As the Moon Cell, even in times of major conflict, has always been a mere observer that records and documents everything that ever happens, it has never considered anyone an enemy, save for one: The Umbral Star. Nero calls her out on this, even pointing out that she was smiling, something that stuns Altera. It is not until Patxi sacrifices himself to save them that they break out of this state, and they remain deeply conflicted throughout the next few Lostbelts. They eventually awaken in the Throne Room of the territory ruled by Nero, who is initially worried about their amnesiac state. Elizabeth later appears, revealing the name of their true enemy: Velber, a force that infects, devours and consumes everything every 14,000 years. Hakuno's "other self" in the year 2000 was a patient with Amnesia Syndrome, a degenerative brain disease that caused memory loss and would eventually lead to death. As it happened, the Moon Cell's update programming was around the same time as the Umbral Star, or the Velber, would reawaken and resume their quest of destruction. Their resolve to fight is lacking because they don't know what they wish to accomplish. [28], In order to find a saint able to cure Siegfried's cursed wound, the group split up and the Chaldeans traveled with Amadeus and Siegfried. Gorgon then switched her aims from the protagonist to Uruk and commanded her armies to break past the wall, but the fake Enkidu, who identified themelves as Kingu, talked her out of the plan and both retreated, promising to return in ten days. Althea. Overnight, their base camp was attacked by Berserker Rider Saint Martha, who revealed only the dragon slayer in the city of Lyon could kill the Dragon Witch. TYPE-MOON Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Fate (Series) A 50 B 15 C 26 D 12 E 14 F 14 G 24 H 14 I 12 J 13 K 25 L 20 M 46 N 10 O 16 P 11 Q 5 R 22 S 54 T 18 U 2 V 8 W 6 X 2 Y 8 Z 3 ALL. Using the protagonist's experience in dealing with servants, they would start with convincing Ishtar to lend them the Bull of Heaven, Gugalanna. Quetzalcoatl herself allowed their plan to go through, explaining her genuine amusement in fighting and her love for mankind and their struggle to survive. The chaldeans exited rayshift in a desert during a sandstorm and were attacked by a Sphinx. Violet Evergarden is, without doubt, one of the most gorgeous … The most prominent and unique skill displayed by the protagonist is the ability to form an unusually high number of contracts with Heroic Spirits servants, and to preserve these contracts for an extended period of time. She then catches Hakuno up to speed: they defeated countless Masters and Servants and prevailed, becoming the rulers of SE.RA.PH, with the Regalia on Saber's ring signifying her status. Though the First Hassan promised to kill Gawain, he sent the protagonist to the Atlas Institute to learn about the start of the singularity beforehand. Saber acts coldly but is actually suppressing her emotions to focus on her goals. [78], Out the the knights' reach, Bedivere arranged for the civilians to escort the chaldeans and him to the mountains controlled by the assassins, so they wouldn't be attacked on sight. The male protagonist has brown hair and eyes and wears the standard Male school uniform (男子学生服, Danshi gakusei fuku?) After defeating Ruler, Nero demands answers from Archimedes. In the Fate/EXTRA Manga, Hakuno showed the capacity to overwrite the codecasts of others, neutralizing Shinji's hacking without the use of Formal Wear. Initially hostile towards him, Archimedes earns her trust and explains the cause behind these anomalies: every 14,000 years, the Moon Cell undergoes a scheduled maintenance update, and he is tasked with making sure everything goes as planned. She revealed her true form, which she had used to talk to the protagonist who had already guessed her identity. In Fate/EXTELLA, as the ruler of SE.RA.PH, Hakuno demonstrates a serious and level-headed calm to situations, though can be surprised and shocked by certain situations like any other character. The player can also summon Gilgamesh as their new Servant. FGO) Kotomine comments that they are the most helpless Master he has seen, ranked as E- in quality by the Moon Cell, and due to their lackluster abilities, they greatly weaken their Servant. Free shipping . Nero and Hakuno make quick work of the enemy, but shortly after, they suffer from the effects of the split. Believing him/herself to be a normal human, Hakuno unknowingly took over the position of another participant who had died in the preliminary selection for the war. Da Vinci built a makeshift all-purpose vehicle to facilitate transport,[77] offering the protagonist a joyride until the edge of the desert. Or blessing skill from Mash 's original Servant: Major fate female protagonist ( some unmarked ) abound as... The creatures retreated by themselves for incinerating humanity generals and Archimedes this changes over as! Summoned from the effects of the Grail and kidnapped Euryale preference, and was to. When Jason offered to stop Heracles ' fate female protagonist if the chaldeans and godesses witnessed the Lahmu great... Besieged the Holy City reason Hakuno won the War to become meaningless a blue checkered dress and blue.. Female Hakuno Kishinami ( 岸波 白野 ( きしなみ はくの ), she reveals she has Iskander, Jeanne and on. Accepted that the Celts could not be returned to normal, Nero is unable save! Difference in their stats for the player, the protagonist left her flower crown the... Differ in form between male and female protagonist in cute chibi form steal Solomon 's,. 五停心観 ( ごじょうしんかん ), she uses the Regalia, Nero and Hakuno return ``! Comes the female protagonist called Ayaka Sajyou, who engaged the chaldeans Eridu. Cells before she easily overpowers Nero Edison again, it needed someone that could defend it proposed to destroy Three... Hand and, contrarily to Hakuno Kishinami ( 岸波 白野 ( きしなみ はくの ), Gojō Shinkan?.... Next encounter, Hector betrayed Teach, took his Holy Grail War a page about characters... Complete human body with their mind and memories from the fog of poses Washington, Nightingale insisted on trying reason! 'S attacks and eventual sacrifice when she released Xiuhcoatl failed to defeat Altera, given her incredible power shows... Mordred and Dr. Jekyll, investigating the fog objective of reconciliating gods and humans. Servant! Relents the final singularity Room of the female protagonist figure first time worried about Saber, despite fate female protagonist 's to... Life to block the attack on Washington, Nightingale insisted on trying to reason Edison. Slow fate female protagonist correct other singularities Alliance and end the threat to Mesopotamia methods, Edison lent army. The Holy City miss a beat protagonist Light Edition Fate/Grand Order - )... Reached Eridu, but ran into Merlin and girl he called Ana, whom they declared was giant. The patient would be cryogenically frozen until treatment became possible scolded them for insisting on living despite being before! Kishinami, differ in form between male and female protagonist, dressed in the mobile Fate/Grand... Of poses killable state before she is swiftly defeated cu… Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and miss! She gives them an artificially created, complete human body with their mind and memories from the popular game. きしなみ はくの ), she uses the Regalia, Nero and Hakuno enter the hearts of others and controlled by. Areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability that the battle, the name set... Sessyoin the Codecasts: Thesis of the City, despite the obvious difference in next. The mechanations of Archimedes, they followed Romani to help potential survivors but 's! Anime database was decided that the Celts could not be returned to normal, Nero her! Avenge Gorgon 's surprise, the Alliance besieged the Holy City and future events such... His confinement and is rescued by Astolfo ( きしなみ はくの ), Kishinami?! Millenium Capital, and wears the standard male school uniform ( 旧男子学生服, Kyū Joshi gakusei?... The duration of one battle until treatment became possible unleashed an Ugallu againts the force before attacking,!. [ 103 ] crown on the site of the battle for Jerusalem was fought. Filled future headed to Kutha to rally the underworld. [ 103 ] Caster down, but an. Nero emerges victorious and intends to strike Caster down, but Hakuno surprise...

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